How to use WeChat small program to create "private domain traffic" to help the company's performance growth



On January 9, 2017, zhang xiaolong WeChat open class Pro released small program, after 3 years of precipitation, the strength has become particularly prominent. The Internet development white paper "in the first half of 2020 small programs, according to a set of data" WeChat number has more than 3.2 million small programs, day over 410 million, live more than 730 million, the per capita use 1080 seconds long, this set of data sent a clear signal: small program for rapid growth, we are running into the small program the age of the Internet!

微信截图_20200821164218.pngThe advent of WeChat apocryphal programs has helped many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs bring projects back from the brink of death, and also enabled many stores in small and medium-sized cities to achieve real revenue growth.

How to use WeChat small program to create "private domain traffic" to help the company's performance growth

1, WeChat small program with its own flow

WeChat users can search through chat lists to see the various small programs.

2, nearby small program free promotion

In the "nearby applet", the applet will be automatically displayed to WeChat users within 5km of the periphery. All online apps can be exposed here for free, and one app can add 10 geographies. In other words, making a small program is equivalent to increasing the exposure of the store by 10 times.

3, can be associated with the public number

Can embed the small program directly in the menu bar of the public number, can also be put into the text and text content of the public number, when the fans browse the public number, can directly enter the small program.

4, small program can directly drainage users

Can be directly Shared on WeChat, all kinds of marketing functions such as: coupons, group, distribution, bargaining, membership system can directly help small program drainage.

5. Many flow entrances

There are more than 50 traffic entry points, including public number jump, search, history list, qr code scanning, and small programs nearby.

WeChat small program for businesses, can be said to be the most convenient online access to traffic, but also a way to save money, businesses only need to do a small program mall can realize the store open in WeChat, users as long as open WeChat, click on the small program will be in the vicinity of the small program to see the merchant store! This simple approach is bound to become an important way of business drainage and profitability.

Weishang Interactive small program mall covers scenes of clothing, jewelry, beauty makeup, home furnishing, education, tourism and other industries to help merchants improve their online layout.

1. Separate development of different application systems is unnecessary

2. Don't worry about the compatibility between different phone models

3. There is no need to consider the subsequent access to payment interface

4. Support 64 countries (regions) to receive wechat payment in compliance

5. You don't have to pay extra for access

6. Faster loading and smoother user experience

In the era of small program Internet, private domain traffic will become a necessary supplement to public domain traffic, and businesses can form their own user pool through WeChat small program precipitation. For the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, should seize the small program opportunities, so that they can "stand out" in the second half of the Internet.

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