How to use WeChat order food mall to do word of mouth marketing?



Nowadays, ordering food has become a very popular way for modern people to order food. In the past, many catering businesses had to enter into third-party delivery platforms due to the high cost of developing software for delivery platforms. However, customers can't grasp the core user data through the third-party platform and they need to pay the platform commission, which leads to the loss of marketing autonomy of merchants and the thinner the profit of takeout.

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Therefore, in order to enable many catering businesses to have their own delivery platform, as a third-party developer of WeChat, WeChat ordering mall was launched specifically for the catering industry.


Why the WeChat ordering food mall was developed? In recent years, more and more food enterprises have developed their takeout business through access to the takeout platform. The development of take-out business not only helps merchants to expand their operating capacity, but also improves their store revenue.


At the same time, based on the strong social nature of WeChat to establish a deep connection with customers, we can also use WeChat ordering mall to do word-of-mouth marketing, accumulate brand word-of-mouth and popularity, so as to maximize the transformation effect of take-out.


So how to use WeChat order food mall to do word of mouth marketing?


1. WeChat's popularity and users are growing day by day. It can become a free promotion platform for merchants, and embedding in the ordering mall can achieve word-of-mouth marketing.

2. The WeChat ordering mall, which is easy to operate and can be quickly managed, is implanted into WeChat public number or small program to make the communication between businesses and consumers more simple and convenient.


3. Daily planning activities can be Shared directly by fans and forwarded to each other in moments to attract more fans' attention. First, it can spread, and second, it can bring about secondary consumption.

4. In the traditional marketing model, part of the lost customers who send leaflets or make phone calls can be recovered through the WeChat ordering mall to achieve higher marketing efficiency.

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5. Customers can directly search your WeChat public account or scan the qr code to enter your WeChat ordering mall to place an order. They can also one-click to share with customers' friends and conduct word-of-mouth publicity, through which people can learn about products, establish brands and strengthen market recognition.


6. Inform customers of all activities or new products through the public platform of the system in a timely manner and send them to them in groups with one click to attract customers to place orders, which saves time and effort and costs nothing.


The adoption of WeChat ordering mall can not only simplify the staff service process, but also eliminate the need for customers to wait in line. By opening WeChat scan qr code, customers can order food and pay through WeChat. For most restaurants, it is really a very practical intelligent system.



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