WeChat ordering food mall can help catering enterprises to solve what problems?



Affected by the epidemic for more than half a year, food companies that had never set foot in take-out food have now adjusted their strategies and begun to attach importance to take-out service. However, due to the high cost of entry and withdrawal on the takeout platform in the market, the profit of the majority of catering enterprises is greatly reduced.


At this time, restaurant owners can choose the WeChat ordering mall template, which is free of development under weishang interactive, with low cost, multi-function and zero profit, and no need to pay the entry fee, which can greatly reduce the cost of takeout and increase the turnover.

Weishang Interactive ordering mall is a food ordering system that combines offline services with the Internet. Merchants collect customers online and reach deals through offline services, so as to realize the deep integration of the Internet and physical stores and the interaction between multiple parties.

1. What are the functional features of the interactive WeChat ordering mall?

(1) A new management concept and service means;

(2) Improve the level of the restaurant, optimize the business process, and replace the operation of staff;

(3) Reduce operating costs while improving the operating efficiency of the restaurant.


2. What problems can Weishang Interactive ordering mall help catering enterprises to solve?


(1) Order slowly

Say goodbye to the scene of ordering food and conflicts between customers and waiters, which not only saves costs but also improves the restaurant pretend bility, and customers will keep coming.

(2) Difficult to arrange

By using WeChat ordering mall, customers can order food at home and set the time of arrival, which saves time and effort and has a good consumption experience. In this way, the restaurant can save more dining space and provide service for more customers.

(3) Cashier trouble

The traditional cashier method is unsafe, cumbersome and inefficient. WeChat ordering food mall can provide WeChat payment, alipay, scanning code payment and other ways, no change, no queuing and no counterfeit money. When WeChat ordering food mall is bound to the business official account, customers can also automatically follow the business WeChat official account to become a member after payment is completed, so as to accumulate more fans for the business.

(4) Difficult management

When a customer pays to become a merchant member, the merchant can establish an intelligent database based on the member information, and then provide characteristic member marketing strategy service for the merchant through the analysis of consumer portrait, and even provide strong support for the subsequent business strategy adjustment of the merchant.

(5) Difficult customer analysis

Data feedback is an important reference basis to support the stable operation of restaurants. Through WeChat ordering mall, various data of customers can be summarized, such as customers' needs, information, behaviors and preferences, so that restaurants can understand themselves better than customers.


Wechat interactive WeChat ordering mall is not only convenient for sharing, but also can be embedded into WeChat official account with one click. Merchants can establish a deep connection with customers by virtue of the strong social nature of WeChat, and timely inform users of food products and preferential information, so as to maximize the transformation effect of takeout.

The emergence of the epidemic has accelerated the catering industry's awareness and demand for the catering industry and the Internet. Micro-shang Interactive food ordering Mall is a convenient and diverse online food ordering system developed based on the Internet catering industry, which can meet the needs of consumers. Not only would it put existing private traffic to work, but it would also restore some of the dismal results suffered by the epidemic.

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