Mid-Autumn Festival business marketing 5 major routines



If the pre-publicity propaganda is to lay the road for you and lead the customers to the door, then the later activities are the key to helping you lead the customers into the store and start the consumption.

Mid-Autumn Festival activities, suitable for a variety of marketing group punches, here are the following references:


Push Mid-Autumn Limited Time Package

It can be a product that reflects the characteristics of the season, or it can be a classic product of a store. It must also reflect the intensity in terms of price. In short, it can make consumers feel that a word "value" is right!


Push Mid-Autumn Festival limited products

For some consumers who are pursuing, “qualified” represents unique, different and different.

Mid-Autumn special design products can be launched to attract consumers and stimulate purchase.


Pushing the Mid-Autumn Festival special event

For example, if the consumer’s birthday is any day during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a birthday gift will be given to the store.

The name contains the words "zhong", "autumn" or "mid-autumn", and you can get a corresponding dish, etc.;

Responding to the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the implementation of the consumer itself will still be a surprise, and no one can resist the joy and touch of surprise.


Mid-Autumn Special Game

This is the easiest to implement and transform for offline shopping malls, restaurants and other consumer sites.

For example, set up some game links that reflect traditional culture, such as guessing riddles, ancient poetry, and idioms.

We will make the festival atmosphere a good one, and bring a good holiday experience to our customers. We can also establish the image of the store in the eyes of customers, and do both.



If you are doing graphic push, then the key word is - copy should have #共鸣#; if you are doing H5, you will ponder how #趣# how come.

As a video partner, for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the warmth, happiness, and resonance are all right. The important words are #有看头#.

In addition, most companies have one thing, a poster. The key word is #创意#.

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In short, it is to maximize the festival and its own brand, help consumers build memory connections, strengthen brand awareness, and expand brand influence.

The purpose of Mid-Autumn Festival marketing is either to make the product better publicized or to make the brand better exposed.


If you can do "hot, creative, and content", then your Mid-Autumn marketing effect will not be too bad.

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