How do US companies register the WeChat public account? How to access cross-border payments?



Recently, many overseas friends have consulted me through various channels about how overseas companies register public platforms.

Here, explain.

This is the case. If the overseas company is registered, it is currently registered and certified by a third-party service provider.

Today, I will share some of our experiences in helping overseas companies register the WeChat public platform.



【Why are overseas companies registering WeChat public accounts? 】

You will find that in order to promote Chinese consumers to travel, shop, and spend overseas, they can directly place overseas brand services or products on WeChat. Now more and more foreign companies register WeChat public account, build a mall, and access cross-border. paid.



After all, Chinese people close their eyes every day, chatting, traveling, shopping, online ordering, reading global information, etc., all through the WeChat social software APP.

WeChat can be used as one of the sales channels for overseas merchants to land in the Chinese market.

This is also why there are so many overseas friends who have found Wei Shangjun and registered the WeChat public account in the near future.

Most of them hope to promote the business and services of overseas companies through the WeChat public number platform, so as to obtain Chinese users and improve their annual sales.


We supports WeChat cross-border payment small program mall

【How to register WeChat public number? 】

Now, as long as you are not in the restricted industry, almost all global legal companies/institutions/organizations can register for the WeChat public account.

However, overseas companies cannot register themselves. If you want overseas users and users in mainland China to pay attention to and view them, you need to ask for the registration of San.

Including: Hong Kong, China, Macau, China, Taiwan, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, France, the United States, the Netherlands, the Philippines, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Cambodia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Maldives, Russia, Israel, Sri Lanka, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

At present, although the self-service registration channel of overseas companies has not yet been opened, it can be registered and certified by Weishang Interactive WeChat service providers.



After the public number is opened, you can apply for small programs simultaneously, open cross-border payments, and publish the company's business and service content, so that Chinese users can better understand your company, so that you can directly place your company's services on WeChat. And products.



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