How much does small program develop quote after all?



How much does applets cost? It depends on what kind of applets you make. What are your requirements for applets' function, framework, location, interaction and UI? All of these need to be planned and communicated with third-party service providers in advance.

As long as we are clear about their own small program functions have any specific requirements, it is best to list the requirements before going to ask about the amount of requirements. This way, both software development companies and people themselves will be more willing to accept solutions and prices.

Generally speaking, the cost of developing a small program will involve the development tool cost, developer cost, server cost and registration and authentication cost. You can roughly add up these basic costs, you can basically figure out a small program development probably needs the cost.

But in fact, for small program development quotation and did not form a unified industry standard, and even in the future it is difficult to achieve a unified, standardized.

Because the premise of small program customization development is that customer needs are relatively diverse, the customized development quotation of each small program is actually based on customer needs, technical solutions, time cost and other factors of comprehensive consideration.


Micro Shang Interaction offers the following three options:

Develop a set of small programs with prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price list is as follows:

The first, set of template applet - the price is relatively low, generally thousands to ten thousand

Characteristic is: need to press annual charge commonly. If some features don't fit your needs, build on the template and do custom development. Compared to the fully customized development, the operation is simple, convenient, low price, short development time, about a week can be online.

Second, buy source code - the price is medium, generally about 10,000 to 20,000.

Features: convenient, fast on-line; The most important thing is that you have the applet source permanently, and you don't have to pay an annual fee. And can use the source code, the development of countless small programs, do not need to pay for new. But it is not always possible to buy the right source code, if there is the right source code, then this way is the most economical, the most secure.

Third, custom development - the price is relatively high, generally tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands

Features are: unique, with permanent use, function is customized according to your requirements, the service is more in place

But is the price is higher, the basic cost of the customized version in tens of thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of different.

The quotation of the development of small program, also be like to decorate a house actually, take 10 thousand piece to come out can pack, of 100 thousand piece also can pack, just say the quality among them and craft exist certain gap just.

Focusing on small program customization development, we believe that when you choose a small program development company, the proposal price is the most concerned issue of both sides, and it is often an important factor that plays a decisive role in the cooperation between both sides.

The development cost of small programs is related to the software company's investment in the project and risk prediction, but also related to our cost control and delivery needs, so before cooperation, we must make clear the quotation and sign the corresponding agreement.

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