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What are the advantages of using WeChat applets?

1. From the user's point of view, there is no need to download and register;

2. From the perspective of developers, it is easy to develop and deploy. At the same time, multiple terminals can be connected and jump freely.

So what is the process for registering WeChat applets?

1. Registration method

On the homepage of WeChat public platform, click the "register now" button in the upper right corner.

2. Select the registered account type

Select "Applet" and click "View Type Differences" to see the differences and advantages of different types of accounts.

3. Fill in your email and password

Please fill in the email address of unregistered public platform, open platform, enterprise number and unbound personal number.

4. Activate the mailbox

Log in, check the activation email, and click the activation link.

5. Fill in the subject information

After clicking the activation link, proceed to the next step of the registration process.

Select the principal type and improve the principal information and administrator information.

The main type is described as follows:

Fill in the body information and select the authentication method

There are two principal authentication options for enterprise type accounts.

Method 1: Payment verification

Note: Please complete the remittance within 10 days, otherwise the registration will fail.

Method 2: WeChat certification

Verify the identity of the principal through WeChat authentication, before the authentication passes, the small program part function temporarily cannot be used.

Fill in administrator information:

After confirming the subject information, it cannot be changed:

Get these steps, you can easily sign up for your own WeChat applet!

Want to know more about the small program registration, authentication, account setting, development and other related issues, you can leave a message to Micro Shangjun at any time!

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