This is a new media marketing kit that will make you very bullish.



Everyone wants to do the marketing

But not everyone can be like the Vantage during the World Cup.

Smooth an lucky to brush the screen with a poster


But in addition to being inaccessible

Hot events outside the market

There are 29 regular major festivals throughout the year.

Waiting for you to take advantage of the situation! !


In order to get you early get promoted Wei Shangjun is also a sleepless night

It takes 300+ hours Identify, filter, organize, upload

I have vomited blood for everyone:

500+ famous brands in previous years

2750+ Zhang Borrowing Marketing Poster

Selected for a full 1G

[Brand marketing poster] package

WeChat pays attention to the "微尚互动" reply [package] self-collection


I hope I can help you get some inspiration!

Promotion and salary increase will be tomorrow


 You ask me, what is the content of this selected [Brand Borrowing Poster] package?

1) 29 regular major festivals throughout the year!

New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day,

Women's Day, Labor Day, Mother's Day,

Father's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Children's Day,

Mid-Autumn Festival, Tanabata, National Day,




2. Involved in all walks of life!

Including food and beverage, medical beauty, real estate vehicles, tourism, banking, mobile communications, sports and more than 10 industry sectors.



3. Many well-known brands!

For example, what


Tencent, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo,

Unicom, Mobile, Lenovo, NetEase,

Jingdong, Taobao, Gome, Suning,

Ctrip, Tongcheng, KFC, McDonald's, hungry, Meituan,

Durex, Okamoto, Jasper, Dulux


Partial brand poster thumbnail

5 杜蕾斯.png2 华为.png1 地产 - 副本.png

and also

Evergrande, Vanke, Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Volvo,

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Wang Laoji, Mengniu, Jiang Xiaobai

Tsingtao Beer, Red Bull, Kunlun Mountain, Luzhou Laojiao,

Beautiful, Jiuyang, Mobai, Little Yellow Car, Didi


7百雀羚 - 副本.png4 京东 - 副本 (2).png

7 hundred que antelopes - copy.png4 Jingdong - copy (2).png

Wait for nearly 500+ first-line brands

Previous Years of Marketing Poster Mix

All! in! This! Now!

Now! in!

Wei Shangjun decided to take this

[See the package that can be promoted and raised immediately]

Share it for free here

Pay attention to the "微尚互动" public number

Reply to the "资料包" and get it for free for a limited time!


I hope you can make good use of this package.

Calmly deal with every holiday

Write out

Let the user rejoice and let the user get along,

Make users shame 


Let users want to buy and buy

Satisfy the leadership

Let you get a promotion and raise your salary

"Breakout Marketing Poster Marketing" Mix

 New Media Marketing Kit.png



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