Blockbuster: WeChat latest version can change WeChat ID!!




The latest news, the latest version of android WeChat, now supports WeChat ID

The entrance is on "my > personal information > WeChat ID"

Users can modify WeChat ID once a year

If the user has customized WeChat ID in the last year, it can be changed after the expiration of one year.

IOS users will soon be able to use the feature.

If you can't change it for the time being, you need to wait and try again

If you need to register authentication overseas WeChat public number can leave a message to tell me oh

We are committed to providing services to global businesses
Software customization development
(WeChat official account, website,
Development of APPS, small programs, etc.)
New media agent operation and promotion,
Overseas public account registration and authentication,
Cross-border payment application and other services ~
(WeChat for details: SZVS2013)


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